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We are building a mutually owned, democratic, decentralised economy that builds community & doesn’t destroy nature.

We want to create a society that values Truth & Freedom over Fear & Control

The New Story 


At this pivotal moment, a new vision for humanity’s future has crystallized, one that sees us embedded within an incredibly beautiful & complex super-organism, the Earth as a whole system. This vision gives each of us a tremendous opportunity to participate in a reboot of our civilisations current system, allowing us to step into leadership roles & thrive as we bring humanity & the Earth back into balance.

The Alternative Systems We Need

We’re setting up a family of interconnected & mission-led social enterprises to make a big impact in our communities.  

Can you help us?

  • Community Hubs  Launching up to 50 Hubs over the next year. Starting with Food Co-ops & Health Programs.  Meetups & events to keep us connected and educational information withheld from mainstream media.


  • Food Production  Focused on organic growing, regenerative agriculture, AgriTech (indoor farming)

  • Retail   Click here to read more about Farmacy Co-op, worker owned retail serving community needs

  • Logistics   Local delivery drivers, logistical / operations people - all levels, Technology


  • Health Care  Not sickness management, Terrain Theory NOT Germ Theory, Holistic healing

  • Social Care   We want businesses & people of a higher consciousness looking after our loved ones

  • Housing   Eco-housing, building renovations, community owned, new builds, countryside

  • Land Conversion   Back garden to 100+ aces, food production, learning centres, eco-housing & more

  • Education  Homeschooling Co-op, Community Learning Centres, Living Classrooms, Forest Schools

  • Catering   Convenient & affordable, fresh healthy food, fresh juices & smoothies

  • Cafes   Locally focused, health & wellness, community owned

  • Media   Community & local, no censorship, many ways of communicating, highest good for all

  • Energy & Water   Eco-friendly, regenerative, locally produced, community owned

  • Community Resilience   Infrastructure to help us cope with major events, relationships & systems that will serve the community, we will connect local communities & allow them to work together

  • Community Security   We’ll help you protect yourself, family, friends & community. Save our freedoms, let’s fight for REAL DEMOCRACY. Know your rights. Illegal vs Unlawful. Reclaim your sovereignty through Common Law

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  • We’re looking for individuals wanting to join our network 

  • Whatever your skills & experience

  • Local businesses can also join & promote their services

  • Please take action & help us establish this network

  • Help create the security for your children & grandchildren

  • Your community needs you


  • Whatever your profession, you can help our mission

  • Produce vital resources for your community & get paid

  • We can gift boxes of fruit & veg for your time


Our first Farmacy Co-op has launched in Bakewell, Peak District National Park. 


Click here for more information.

Currently offering boxes of organic fruit & veg.  Delivery service that covers:

  • Bakewell & surrounding villages

  • Sheffield - via Foolow, Hassop, Froggatt, Dore, Nether Edge

  • Greater Manchester - via Buxton, Stockport, Stretford, Radcliffe, Bury & Bolton

  • Altrincham (Cheshire) & surrounding area

  • Nottingham - via Calverton, Mapperley, Chilwell, Long Eaton, Stapleford & Aspley

  • Derby - via Stanton in Peak, Matlock, Ripley, Shelton Lock & Little Eaton

Farmacy Co-op is expanding click here for more information.


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